Hi! This is Clemens! I am a software engineer from Germany. I love software, and I also love cars. Most of all, I love tasty food!

I started programming when I was 14. Coming from LEGO Mindstorms, I wrote my first program using Visual Basic 6, it was a little program showing an error message that your hard disk is being formatted.

Later on, I started developing games and taught programming in secondary school. Back then I did some web design for small companies next to school. However I never enjoyed web programming that much, so I started learning Delphi, and used it to write several small computer games, a series called “MBDAK” (“Metzeln bis der Arzt kommt”). Starting as simple 2D games, my last game was a 3D flight simulator engine, supporting multiple rendering pipelines (OpenGL, and Direct3D). Having a keen interest in 3D graphics, I started collecting 3Dfx video cards and tried to fix the broken ones – that’s how I got started with Electrical Engineering.

After entering university, I briefly studied Computer Science, while at the same time started learning how to fix cars. I drove a ’88 Nissan Sunny Coupe back then, and quickly got addicted working on cars. That’s why I decided to change my subject to Mechatronics. I started learning C++(11), which is still today by far my favourite programming language.

During my time at the Karlsruhe University of Applied Science, I got the opportunity to visit Singapore to work at the Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology, working on Augmented Reality and Robotics. During this internship I could not only work on fascinating research projects, but also got introduced to the culture, food and people of Asia. I started learning Chinese, and didn’t stop learning it until today!

Today, I work as a software engineer in the Automotive Industry. Although my job is entirely related to software, I still can’t get enough and spend large parts of my private time developing software for private purpose. Feel free to have a look in the section “Projects”, to discover a few things I have been working on!

My hobbies are:

  • Dancing Lindy Hop
  • Japanese Vintage Cars
  • Care about the Environment, Foodsharing & Volunteering
  • Deep interest in Chinese culture and language – after endless weekends filled with writing books of Chinese characters, I am almost fluent in Chinese speaking, reading & writing by now.

Clemens Zangl
mail: clemens.zangl@gmail.com
www: http://www.texelography.com