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How to setup the ESP32 to visualize OBDII Data on your Smartphone

This manual describes how to use an ESP32 as an extension to the existing OBDIIC&C device, available for the Honda Insight ZE1. This device will not add any new features, but will allow you to visualize the OBDII data on your smartphone. If you are looking for a tutorial on how to read data from

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Honda Insight ZE1 OBDII Smartphone App

I’ve been using Peters OBDII C&C for quite a while now, and while I like it’s features, it lacks the intuitiveness of a modern smartphone app. So I thought it’s about time to improve this! System Architecture Two MCUs are working together to read the OBDII data from the car, and transmit it vie BLE

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Nissan Rz1 Digital Cluster Conversion

A few years ago, I modified a LHD Nissan Sunny B12 Coupé Rz1 and fitted a RHD JDM digital clusters, and uploaded a short video of it on youtube. I received a lot of questions on this modification, and decided to publish the knowledge I gained here.Most importantly, here is the pinout. Connector Pinout The

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Propeller Clock

This project started in 2010 as a university project with the goal do develop a rotation clock. Main objectives of the project was to develop an induction power supply using a MOSFET H bridge and and to layout a PCB. The PCB contains a 8051 microcontroller and ten OSRAM RGB LEDs as well as an

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MBDAK 3 – A 3D Flight Simulator

MBDAK 3 is one of my software projects that I wrote in the years 2007 and 2008. It is a 3D engine designed for flight simulator games written in Delphi 7. In this project, I focussed on creating an engine of highest compatibility and flexiblity. It was the first time I came in contact with

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