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Honda Insight ZE1 OBDII Smartphone App

I’ve been using Peters OBDII C&C for quite a while now, and while I like it’s features, it lacks the intuitiveness of a modern smartphone app. So I thought it’s about time to improve this! System Architecture Two MCUs are working together to read the OBDII data from the car, and transmit it vie BLE

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Nissan Rz1 Digital Cluster Conversion

A lot of guys on youtube have asked me how to convert the cluster of a B12 Sunny Rz1 (1986-1990) to the JDM digital one. I did this once, and would like to give you a short overview. The hand-written table above contains 80% of the engineering, namely comparing the pinouts of the connectors. The

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Propeller Clock

This project started in 2010 as a university project with the goal do develop a rotation clock. Main objectives of the project was to develop an induction power supply using a MOSFET H bridge and and to layout a PCB. The PCB contains a 8051 microcontroller and ten OSRAM RGB LEDs as well as an

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MBDAK 3 – A 3D Flight Simulator

MBDAK 3 is one of my software projects that I wrote in the years 2007 and 2008. It is a 3D engine designed for flight simulator games written in Delphi 7. In this project, I focussed on creating an engine of highest compatibility and flexiblity. It was the first time I came in contact with

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