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3D Circle Reconstruction from Ellipses

Keywords: 3D circle reconstruction, traffic sign reconstruction, ellipse fitting I came to the idea of publishing this software part I have been working on during my Master’s Thesis. During my time at SIMTech, I was woring on robotics, 3D reconstruction of workpieces, and path teaching using Augmented Reality (AR). A part of our project was

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3D Triangle Collision Detection

I wrote this over 10 years ago in high school when I wrote my first 3D game. I still need to copy in the graphics, but I hope it is useful for someone! Facharbeit im Leistungsfach Mathematik (fächerübergreifend zur Informatik) Thema: „Entwicklung eines 3D-PC-Spiels: MBDAK III“  Clemens Zangl Schuljahr 2006/2007 MSS 12 Max-Slevogt-Gymnasium Landau Inhaltsverzeichnis

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